Continuing Education

bc365游戏 College of Technology - McGehee Continuing Education

bc365游戏 College of Technology - McGehee offers continuing education/non-credit classes on campus and at various locations throughout Southeast Arkansas. These classes are offered based on public demand.

Individuals interested in taking a particular class should contact the bc365游戏CTM, to indicate his/her interest and to receive additional information.

Call 870-222-5360

Ongoing non-credit classes

  • Heavy Equipment
  • CPR - First Aid

Business and Industry Training

bc365游戏 McGehee offers customized training services for employers that need training, re-training, and upgrading of worker skills.

Classes are designed for each company and may be taught on campus or at the work-site and, upon request, may be taught both day and night.

Some employers may qualify for State Workforce Training grants.  Through Workplace Education and Business and Industry Training Programs, employers may access a local or state workplace team for help in determining training needs.  For more information on the grants click here:

For more information, contact bc365游戏CTM